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Mattei rotary vane compressors

Mattei: Get Your Last Air Compressor First.

Mattei pioneered the development of the rotary vane compressor in 1958. Since then, for more than 50 years, these machines have been used worldwide in nearly every industry and market. With unmatched reliablity (over 100,000 hours) backed by a 10 year warranty they offer a low operating cost, high efficiency alternative to a rotary screw unit. Aggressive Air Compressor co. is proud to be an authorised distributor of Mattei products.

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Blade Series


Mattei's BLADE Series sets a new standard for small, quiet commercial-duty air compressors. Engineered to produce lots of air while consuming up to 20% less energy than rotary screw type compressors, small air users can finally get their last air compressor first. Each BLADE combines their legendary vane technology with a dual “V” belt transmission inside a sleek powder coated cabinet. Incredibly quiet (as low as 61 dB(A)), with speeds as low as 1,050 rpm (2-6X slower than screws) air delivery of 14.8 through 65 cfm and operating pressures to 175 psi: The BLADE is the ideal solution for small body shops, mechanical shops, craftsmen and workshops.

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AC Series


AC Series air compressors feature quiet (as low as 68 dB(A)) cabinet enclosures, electronic controllers, energy saving soft-start Wye-Delta motor starters, TEFC motors, air-cooled aftercoolers and optional integrated refrigerated air dryers. Mattei rotary vane air compressors are known for their dependable operation and low maintenance Airends that carry a 10 Year Warranty as standard, and last up to 100,000 hours without needing an overhaul. AC Series are availble with flow rates from 15 to 350 SCFM.

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Optima Series


Mattei OPTIMA series VFD compressors feature quiet (as low as 65 dB(A)) cabinet enclosures, electronic controllers, energy saving soft-starting AC inverter drives, premium efficiency TEFC motors, air-cooled aftercoolers and optional integrated refrigerated air dryers. Mattei’s deliver better energy efficiencies as they slow down, which lets you turn up your savings through lower operating costs at comparable flow rates. Optima operates within a range of pre-set maximum and minimum pressures. When reaching the maximum pressure, at the minimum rotational speed, the intake valve shuts and the compressor is set “off load” and decompressed to 1.5 bar to reduce the energy absorption further. When the line pressure lowers to the minimum pre-set value it is reset to the “on load” condition and starts delivering air instantly, adapting the rotational speed to the air demand.

The plus version includes the integrated installation of a direct expansion refrigeration dryer, which is air cooled and filled with environmentally friendly gas. The combination of a Mattei rotary vane air compressor with an integrated dryer and where applicable mounted on an air receiver is the ideal solution for a complete and compact system.

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