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SPX Deltech Refrigerated Dryers

FLEX Series Dryers

spx deltech flex series energy saving refrigerated compressed air dryer

The FLEX Series lowers air system power costs and improves productivity by matching power consumption to compressed air demand.This provides cost-effective energy savings by matching electrical power consumed in direct proportion to air demand. Linear load matching is achieved from 0% up to 100% demand. Available from 75 to 550 cfm.

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HG, HGE & HGEN Series Dryers

spx deltech hg, hge and hgen series non cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers

HG, HGE & HGEN Series non-cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers offer the right combination of technology and simplicity to keep your air system at a dry, 38°F (+3°C) pressure dew point, from 10 through 1200 scfm. These dryers are built for durability, in a space-saving design.

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DES Series Dryers

spx deltech des series cycling refrigerated compressed air dryer

DES Series dryers automatically cycle the refrigeration compressor in response to inlet load conditions. As the inlet air load is reduced, the power requirement to dry the air is matched in proportion to the demand. The load matching design reduces power costs and saves energy.The standard dryer is equipped with a Grade 9 filter/separator with an optional Grade 5 available.

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HTD Series Dryers

SPX deltech htd series high inlet temperature refrigerated compressed air dryers

HTD High Inlet Temperature refrigerated compressed air dryers are compact with highly efficient heat exchangers. Heat exchange efficiency is increased by creating helix flow paths in counterflow arrangement. The two stage separator/filter removes condensed oil ad water over a wide range of flows. A reliable condensate drain automatically discharges water and oil from dryer without air loss and no timer to adjust.

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DES Series High Capacity Dryers

SPX deltech des series high capacity refrigerated compressed air dryers

With capacities from 3750 to 12500 cfm, the DES Series features modular construction offering multiple design variations for flexible arrangement. Redundancy in critical components offers fault-tolerant operation, delivering optimal system reliability. The DES series offers back-up drying protection presenting alternative drying capability in the presence of component failure.

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