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Sullivan-Palatek Dry Screw

Oil free screw compressors

Sullivan-Palatek Inc., a leader in innovation and design, offers the industry's widest range of electric and portable rotary screw air compressors. From humble beginnings in 1984, Sullivan-Palatek has grown from providing engineering services to existing clients, to a privately owned company that manufactures the most rugged and reliable machinery available in the market.

The new Sullivan-Palatek Dry Screw rotary-screw compressors are used where large volumes of high-pressure oil free air are needed. Featuring a two stage air end with rotors coated with a durable Supercoating to improve efficiency and extend service life. They utilise a hydraulically regulated inlet valve which increases reliabilty and feature a unique venturi in the first stage exhaust which significantly reduces high frequency noise.

Air cooled models 75-150HP

Water cooled models 75-350HP

sullivan palatek SPDS100 dry screw 100 HP oil free rotary screw air compressor

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