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Oil/Water Separators


The ENVIRO condensate separator covers compressor capacities up to 65 cfm.


The PURO condensate separator covers compressor capacities up to 300 cfm.

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The PURO MIDI condensate separator covers compressor capacities up to 750 cfm.

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The PURO GRAND condensate separator covers compressor capacities up to 1250 cfm.

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The PURO GRAND Xtender condensate separator covers compressor capacities up to 2500 cfm.

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Oil/Water separators are used to remove any oil from the condensate that is extracted from compressed air systems so that the resulting water can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Local environmental laws and regulations state that most of the oil contaminant must be removed from the condensate before discharging in to the sewage system. Aggressive Air supplies and installs PURO Oil/Water separators manufactured by JORC. The PURO was designed to separate mineral oil, semi and fully synthetic lubricants from condensate. A stable emulsion formed from mineral oil or synthetic lubricants is typically not a problem for this family of oil-water separators. Special elements are available for poly-glycol applications.

How it works

Polypropylene attracts oil and captures it, almost as if it draws oil like a magnet. That simplicity and JORC technology are at the root of the PURO’s efficiency. The PURO uses various filtration stages to achieve the lowest possible oil residue. The first stage is an adsorption filter that utilizes a material that is treated and designed to adsorb oil, not water. This material naturally floats on water. An indicator that can be seen from a distance demonstrates the life left of this element and highlights the moment when the element requires to be changed. The condensate flows through the filter and the oil is adsorbed. The filter will get heavier according to the quantity of adsorbed oil and naturally sink to the bottom of the first tower. An indicator demonstrates when this first tower filter element requires to be replaced. Subsequent separation stages are completed with specially selected activated carbon to polish out the remaining contaminants.

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