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Saylor-Beall Piston Compressors

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Aggressive Air Compressor Co. is an authorised distributor for Saylor-Beall compressors. Since 1915, Saylor-Beall has manufactured industrial quality, two stage air compressors at their state of the art manufacturing facility in St. Johns, MI. That facility uses eight computer numerically controlled machining centers to form cylinders, crankshafts, connecting rods, crankcases, cylinder heads, intercoolers and manifolds as well as other parts that make up their air compressor pumps. This advanced equipment improves quality while reducing costs. They only use American made castings which ensures constant quality monitoring. Through their on-going program for continuous improvement, Saylor-Beall has developed better materials, designs and manufacturing processes. This has resulted in an outstanding line of quality air compressors that meets the needs of the most rugged applications. All models are available with either splash or pressure lubrication.

Horizontal Tank

saylor beall 735-80 5 HP two stage air compressor mounted on an 80 gallon 

horizontal tank
saylor beall 451512 15 HP two stage air compressor mounted on an 120 gallon horizontal 


Model HP cfm Tank Wt
735-80 * 5 17.3 H-80 628
745-80 * 7.5 26.9 H-80 729
755-120 * 10 34.4 H-120 875
451512 15 51 H-120 1195
92020 20 76.1 H-200 1643
92520 25 89.6 H-200 1657
93024 30 101.1 H-240 1893

* With 2 year warranty.

Vertical Tank

saylor beall VT-735-80 5 HP two stage air compressor mounted on an 80 gallon 

vertical tank
saylor beall VT-755-120 VT 10 HP two stage air compressor mounted on a 120 gallon 

vertical tank

Model HP cfm Tank Wt
VT-735-80 * 5 17.3 V-80 628
VT-745-120 * 7.5 26.9 V-120 915
VT-755-120 * 10 34.4 V-120 935

* With 2 year warranty.

saylor beall air compressors


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Aggressive Air Compressor co. warrants Saylor Beall 5HP, 7.5HP & 10HP electric piston compressors for a period of 2 years from initial installation. The responsibility of the Company under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of any compressor or part thereof, purchased from, installed in an approved location by, and serviced at the prescribed intervals by Aggressive Air Compressor co., which shall, within two year after date of installation to the original purchaser, shall be found defective to the satisfaction of the Company.

This warranty shall not apply to compressors or parts which have been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident, to compressors or parts which have been repaired or tampered with by any unauthorized party, when in the judgement of the Company, it appears that the reliability or stability of the compressor or part has been effected. This warranty does not apply to electric motors. These are covered by the Original Manufacturer’s Warranty and should be returned by the purchaser to their authorized station for service. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties (except of title) expressed or implied and of any other obligations or liability on the part of the Company.