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Refrigerated air dryers

Aggressive Air Compressor co. is a factory Authorised distributor for Sullivan-Palatek and Great Lakes Air dryers

Dry compressed air keeps lubricants from being washed away from air tools, cylinders, air motors, and valves extending product life and reducing maintenance. It reduces distribution system corrosion that will increase pressure drop and operational costs, generate pipe scale, cause leaks, and require premature replacement. It also reduces product contamination in applications like, mixing, conveying, agitation, cooling, or product blow down.

The compressed air enters the refrigerated dryer, where it is cooled. The water vapor in the air condenses into water taking any contaminants with it. The liquid water is then removed from the compressed air by a water-trap. A refrigerated dryer delivers a dew point not lower than approximately 35 °F (2 °C). All refrigerated dryers that we offer come with a 5 year warranty.

Depending on your air usage, 3 different types are available.

Non-cycling dryers are matched to a constant air usage

The dryer is sized for maximum air usage. It works at peak efficiency at or close to that flow rate. It is the most economical type of refrigerated dryer.

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Cycling thermal exchange dryers for fluctuating air usage

The air is cooled by a high capacity cooling medium. The medium is cooled by the refrigerant compressor. At a predetermined temperature the refrigerant compressor shuts off, allowing the medium to cool the air and condense the water vapor. This allows the system to work more efficiently over a wider range of flowrates.

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High inlet temperature dryers.

High Inlet Temperature refrigerated dryers allow compressed air users to send high temperature air straight from their compressor directly to the dryer. A unique heat exchanger allows the dryer to accept elevated inlet air temperatures up to 180°F (82°C) directly from reciprocating air compressors. They can be set for a 39°F or a 50°F pressure dew point.

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