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Anest Iwata Oil-less Compressors

Anest Iwata Air Engineering, Inc. is a manufacturer of air compressors, vacuum pumps and related products. They provide oil free air compressors for a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, Research & Development, industrial, semiconductor/electronics, universities and research institutes.

Anest Iwata has developed a base or tank mounted line of oil less reciprocating compressors that utilizes a composite resin piston for heat reduction and durability. This system can provide clean, oilfree air on- demand.

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  • No oil required for lubrication
  • Clean, 100% oil less air
  • Extended 2-way efficiency cooling system
  • Large capacity intake filter
  • Powerful 2 – stage compression

  • Filter
  • Bekomat Membrane Dryer or Refrigerated Dryer
  • Auto-drain sensor (Already included with Refrigerated Dryer)