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Heat Exchangers

made in usa

Aggressive Air only sells heat exchangers manufactured in the USA.

Plate Heat Exchangers

The plate type heat exchanger is the most efficient type of heat exchanger with its low cost, flexibility, easy maintenance, and high thermal tranfer. The plate corrugations are designed to achieve turbulence across the entire heat transfer area. This produces the highest possible heat transfer coefficients with the lowest possible pressure drop, allowing for close temperature approaches.

Plate and frame construction

aggressive air compressor distributes plate heat exchangers

Easy to disassemble and clean

Expandable. Just add more plates

High efficiency

1¼-8" Ports. NPT or Studded Connections

Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316) or Titanium Plates. Maximum 150 Plates

Maximum 150 psi

Up to 7500 GPM Flow Rate

NBR (Nitrile) or EPDM Gaskets

Brazed construction

aggressive air compressor distributes plate heat exchangers

50% to 80% smaller than equivalent plate and frame

Cannot be disassembled

Higher temperature and pressure rating

Maximum working pressures from 300 psi to 650 psi, and temperature ratings of 350°F.

Shell and tube Heat Exchangers

aggressive air compressor distributes shell and tube heat exchangers

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers are suitable for cooling water soluble oil solutions in quenching tanks and for closed circuit cooling of electrical equipment using demineralised water. They are recommended for processes containing highly corrosive (to gasket materials) fluids or gas mediums. They can be used to either condense gas or reclaim heat from exhaust gas. Shell & Tube will also be the choice for any high-pressure applications over 400 psi. (maximum 750 psi)

Standard sizes

2" - 24" in. (5 - 60 cm) Fixed-Tube bundles

8” - 20” in. (20 - 50 cm) Straight-Tube (removable) bundles.

3” - 8” in. (7 - 20 cm) U-Tube fixed and removable tube bundles