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Centrifugal compressors

Hanwha Power Systems compressors started as an offshoot of the highly successful Hanwha gas turbine business. These centrifugal compressors utilise state of the art wear resistant stainless steel impellers machined on 5-axis stations to a tolerance of 0.001mm. With a minimum number of moving parts maintenance costs are minimised. They are equipped with adjustable inlet guide vanes which adjust the flow rate to match air consumption which reduces energy costs by up to 7%. They are available in water cooled or air cooled packages or as a basic package for plant installation.

SM Series

The SM series is the original, well proven line of centrifugal compressors from Hanwha. Compliant with ISO 8573-1 Class 0, they provides 100% oil free air.

Model psi HP scfm
SM2000 50-265 175-345 800-1,450
SM3000 50-265 280-910 1,950-3,100
SM4000 50-265 410-1,350 2,800-5,000
SM5000 50-265 660-1,800 4,800-7,700
SM6000 50-265 1,050-3,150 7,600-12,400

SM100 Series

The SM series is the newer, upgraded line of centrifugal compressors from Hanwha. Using a more compact core unit with the addition of a thrust collar, they offer a higher energy efficiency.

Model psi HP scfm
SM3100 50-188 270-780 1,950-3,250
SM4100 50-188 400-1,200 3,250-5,300
SM5100 50-188 670-2,010 5,300-8,850
SM6100 50-188 1,070-3,350 8,850-14,400
SM7100 50-188 1,340-4,155 14,400-18,800

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