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Compressed Air Filtration

Air-borne contamination from the atmosphere, such as dust, water vapor and hydrocarbons, can easily pass through a typical compressor intake filter since over 80% of these particles are less than 2 microns in size. The compressor also contributes to the problem with wear particles, oil vapor and fine aerosols. Such contamination in the air system can effect the efficient operation of various pneumatic devices and, over time, damage them. Compressed air filters that are installed upstream of the air devices will remove most of these contaminants.

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Particulate Filters

Particulate filters will remove airborne particles of 0.01 microns and larger. They are designed to do this with a minimal pressure drop. Different grades are available to suit your application.

Coalescing filters

Coalescing filters are used to separate liquid water and oil from compressed air using a coalescing effect. These filters additionally remove particles. The filter elements must be changed regularly.

Adsorbtion Filters

Adsorbtion filters will remove any chemical contamination from the air supply. A wide choice of adsorbents permits the selective removal of vapors from air and other gases. These include hydrocarbons and other organic vapors, CO2, NH3, H2S, SOx, HCl, Hg, aromatics and amines. Let us know what your process requirements are so we can assist you in choosing the right product for your needs.

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