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Condensate Management

A small 100 cfm compressor, operating for 4,000 hours in typical climatic conditions can produce approximately 2,200 gallons of liquid condensate per year. If a compressed air system was operated in warmer, more humid climates, or with larger compressors installed, running for longer periods, the volume of condensate would increase significantly.Unless removed it will cause lubricants to be washed away from air tools, cylinders, air motors, and valves, generate pipe scale, and possibly cause leaks.

Condensate drains

Any condensate build up in a coalescing filter, aftercooler, or air receiver must be allowed to drain without losing air pressure. This can be achieved manually or by using a automated drain. Automated drains come in two types

Electrically operated


The drain valve opening time and cycle time are adjustable and set by controls on the timer unit

Zero loss Drains


An internal sensor triggers the drain valve opening allowing condensate buildup to drain down to a minimum level

Automatic water separators

New Jersey Meter’s Dri Air heavy duty separators speed production and save you money. Condensed water, oil, dirt and rust are automatically collected and ejected from the air. As a result, wear is reduced and the life of pneumatic tools and equipment is prolonged.

dri air.tif

These completely automatic separators require no accessories. The Dri Air may be installed wherever space permits. It can rest on the floor, or be suspended from the piping without other support. Available to fit pipe sizes of ¾”, 1″ and 2″ in Standard Dri Air for pressures up to 150 p.s.i. and High Pressure Dri Air for pressures up to 300 p.s.i.