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Sullivan-Palatek Aqua Air

AQUAAIR- the economical GREEN way of the future for oil free compressed air

The Sullivan-Palatek Aqua Air is a rotary screw compressor which uses distilled water in place of the oil normally used to cool, lubricate and seal the rotors. This results in lower operating temperatures (11-14ºF above ambient) and gives it the ability achieve pressures of up to 16 Bar using only a single stage air end. It is designed for continuous operation. The rotors are made from a propietary self-healing composite material. They run on wear free floating bearings which have an unlimited life cycle. The distilled water used in the system is constantly replenished from a dedicated dryer which is supplied with the compressor. There is no oil anywhere in the whole system which means that there are no costs involved for oil and oil disposal. It also gives peace of mind that there will be no contamination due to a seal failure. These units are priced lower than the equivalent dry screw compressor and have a significantly longer service life than the equivalent scroll compressor. AQUA AIR compressors are currently available in 2 packages, from 5 to 15 HP, and from 60 to 150 HP. The larger package has a VFD drive. All AQUA AIR compressors come with a One Year buy back Warranty.

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Self healing composite rotors run on wear free water lubricated bearings. During start-up, the bearings are pressurised with water by a pump. After a period of 4 seconds, the hydrostatic mode changes to hydrodynamic operation.

The water filter, and injection manifold are directly bolted together. The sealing O-ring between both components ensures no leakage. The water filter has separate filter elements for the operation of the system, and the lubrication of the floating bearings during start up. Pre-pressure control for the supply of the floating bearings and a non return valve are integrated into the injection manifold.

The inlet valve is designed to be totally oil and grease free. A special coating on the valve bushing along with water lubrication guarantees reliable operation. A three-stage heavy-duty inlet filter with remote inlet connection are standard supply. The valve head closes 100%, making it leakage free.

The cyclone separator removes any liquid condensate from the output air and returns it to the operating system. It does this without any flotation valve, or any other mechanical, moving components ensuring wear free operation.

Cost Effective

  • High energy efficiency.
  • VFD and direct drive.
  • No elaborate water treatment.
  • No oil disposal costs.
  • Low maintenance costs: no filters, adsorbers needed to remove oil.

  • Reliable

  • Environmental-oriented technology.
  • Marine grade construction to resist corrosion.
  • Reduced mechanical load due to slow speeds and hydro bearings.
  • Low operating temperatures.
  • Fewer mechanical parts.
  • Patented self-healing rotor design.

  • Environmentally Sound

  • No oil use; no hazardous waste generated.
  • Air quality meets ISO 8573-0
  • No water treatment needed.
  • After use water can be drained to environment.
  • No coatings applied to parts that could contaminate the oil-free air.
  • Silicone free
  • Delivered air has up 74% less oil content than ambient air.
  • Delivered air contains no bacteria or microbes.

  • Small package

    5-15 HP Belt drive

    Available HP and cfm options

    Model psi scfm HP
    SPAA-5 116 19 5.4
    SPAA-H5 145 17 5.4
    SPAA-7.5 116 29 7.4
    SPAA-H7.5 145 25 7.4
    SPAA-10 116 40 10
    SPAA-H10 145 36 10
    SPAA-15 116 60 14.8
    SPAA-H15 145 49 14.8

    Large package

    60-150 HP VFD

    Available HP and cfm options

    Model psi scfm HP
    SPAA-60WC-VFD 116 254 60
    SPAA-60WC-VFD 145 222 60
    SPAA-75WC-VFD 116 308 75
    SPAA-75WC-VFD 145 270 75
    SPAA-100WC-VFD 116 400 100
    SPAA-100WC-VFD 145 369 100
    SPAA-125WC-VFD 116 498 125
    SPAA-125WC-VFD 145 452 125
    SPAA-150WC-VFD 116 588 150
    SPAA-150WC-VFD 145 545 150